• Sandeep Nair

    Head Of Business Development

    April 12, 2023

Asset Based Consulting – How Travanleo can help

For several decades, consulting firms have relied on human talent and experience to drive success in client engagements. With the emerging technology trends and changing consumer demands that leave consulting firms on the cusp of disruption, the traditional people-based consulting approach is giving way to asset-based consulting.

This blog presents Travanleo’s take on asset-based consulting, what it means to our clients, and how we use it to improve delivery outcomes.

What is Asset Based Consulting?

Asset-based consulting is a novel business consulting approach in which software solutions and tools are considered primary assets together with human capital to run client engagements successfully.

It utilizes the latest technological innovations to help consultants achieve better results, increase ROI, and meet the growing expectations of today’s clients. Automating repetitive tasks, self-installable software toolkits, cloud-based business applications that sync data in real-time, etc., are examples of asset-based consulting that we can see around us today.

Why is Asset Based Consulting the Need of the Hour?

Embracing asset-based consulting allows you to keep pace with the fast-changing management consulting landscape and evolving industry trends. What consultants have done manually for decades using their skills and expertise can be turned into reusable solutions to improve project outcomes. Here are a few compelling reasons for consultants to adopt asset-based consulting:

  1. Expand Global Footprint Swiftly

In the traditional business consulting model, the client discovery process demands consultants to travel to different client sites and conduct one-on-one interviews with the client’s employees to understand their business challenges and requirements. They generated insights at the massive expense of time and resources, delayed project deliveries, and affected the overall outcomes. Asset-based consulting resolves this challenge by complementing the client discovery process with the right software tools, such as customer analytics platforms (like Google Analytics and HubSpot), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software (like Salesforce and MS Dynamics 365), AI-based chatbots, and so on. Software-aided client discovery and requirements gathering can exponentially accelerate your business growth and expansion.

  1. Meet Client Expectations

Today’s clients expect consultants to deliver innovative solutions and provable ROI by leveraging organizational intelligence. Consulting firms are rated based on their ability to demonstrate specialized expertise and develop customized solutions. Clients also demand transparency in pricing and accountability throughout the engagement. Novel pricing models like pay on-demand and outcome-based pricing underscore the significance of delivering reusable, traceable solutions to address specific client problems. Leveraging Big Data and Analytics allows consultants to keep a step ahead in meeting client expectations.

  1. Higher Speed and ROI

Automated software solutions can perform multiple tasks at a more incredible speed and scale than an individual can. Tasks such as data cleansing, identifying duplicate data, sorting relevant information from thousands of datasets based on rules and conditions, etc., are time-consuming. Asset-based consulting speeds up the project management process using tools and technologies and helps achieve a better ROI.

  1. Sustain Relevance through Competitive Differentiation

Software assets based on analytics and accelerators allow consultants to create more client value. Innovative technological trends like data analytics and cloud computing empower consultants to differentiate themselves from their competitors and deliver tangible and impactful outcomes to their clients. Value-adding assets, deep industry knowledge, and the ability to provide reusable and customizable solutions determine the core value proposition of consultants today.

Asset Based Consulting Services Offered by Travanleo

Here are some of the top asset-based consulting services offered by Travanleo:

  1. Aligning business strategy with technology

We help our clients create a well-designed and practical technology adoption roadmap based on their business objectives and goals. The roadmap is designed to show the milestones, dependencies, risks, and issues that should be assessed at every stage of the transformation journey. Our asset-based consulting practice ensures a controlled and measured transition to the client’s target state, for example, migrating the client’s legacy application to the cloud. The roadmap demonstrates clear progress at every step and helps the client realize the benefits of technology transformation.

  1. Customization of Software to Match Specific Business Needs

Several businesses opt for a commercial, canned software product to run their business errands in an instant. The commercial, pre-packaged software might lack several features that your business needs or there could be many other features that you do not need. By teaming up with our organization, you will get dedicated business analysts and solution architects who can guide you to the right software assets that can adapt to your requirements precisely. From understanding your needs to designing, developing, implementing, and post-implementation support, our team handholds throughout the engagement to add value to your business.

  1. Software Integration and IT Assets Optimization

We help analyze your software tools and solutions to identify optimization opportunities that can save costs for your business case. Say you have disparate software apps that need to be synced for the best results; we can help integrate them to give you a 360-degree view of your data on a single dashboard. We can help you with database monitoring, project reporting, optimization and tracking of your IT systems, and any other IT infrastructure-related projects that could regulate your expenses and ensure the consistent performance of your systems.

Take the Giant Leap with Travanleo

If you plan to balance human expertise with reusable assets, it is time to test drive asset-based consulting. We deliver high-quality, practical, scalable, and robust solutions to businesses belonging to various industrial segments like healthcare, financial services, sustainability, and professional services.

Contact our team to know more about our asset-based consulting services.

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