• Sandeep Nair

    Client Partner

    April 12, 2023

How Experience Transformation can create competitive advantage by putting customers first and managing their journeys

Digital transformation is the virtual digitization of all areas in an enterprise, resulting in an essential adjustment to how an enterprise operates and the value they’d bring to their clients.

Put simply, it’s changing the manner an enterprise interacts with its clients and the way they offer their clients with a stable ride every time and anywhere they want it.

In fact, when asked about factors that have an effect on a enterprises’ selection to enforce a digital transformation strategy, almost half of all groups referred to consumer enjoyment and consumer satisfaction as their main influences.

The businesses that are digitally reworked, develop fairly engaging clients and those clients are:

  • Six times more likely to strive a brand new services or products from their desired niche
  • Four instances much more likely to have referred your brand to their friends, own circle of relatives and connections
  • Two instances much more likely to make a buy even if a competitor has a higher product or price

Furthermore, fairly engaged clients purchase 90% greater frequently, spend 60% greater in step with buy, and feature 3x the once a year price (as compared to the common consumer).

One thing’s clear:

It’s the consumer who’s in the driver’s seat and to provide a higher consumer experience, you first need to apprehend who this new form of virtual consumer is.

The New, Digitally Conscious Customer

Digital generation has entirely new client habits.

Mobile devices, apps, gadget learning, automation etc. permit clients to get what they need nearly precisely in the interim they want it. What’s even more worthy to note is that those new virtual technologies have triggered a shift in client expectations, resulting in a brand new sort of present day buyer. Today’s customers are continuously connected, app-native, and privy to what they could do with their generation. Because of the possibilities of upward thrust from the usage of present day generation, clients frequently price businesses on their virtual client level first. 

Digital first calls for you to reconsider the way you engage together with your clients.

For B2B 

Your clients are already active in social media and that’s where you want to be. Instead of waiting for the client to reach you, you’ll want to reach out to them. You can do that through sharing applicable content material and your understanding as a part of an approach to their problem.

For advertising and marketing teams, 

It’s a virtual-first strategy thereby lowering your spend on offline advertising and marketing activities, consisting of direct mail, billboards and TV ads. Your clients need (and expect) focused messages, that are effectively carried out via a data-pushed advertising and marketing strategy.

For customer support teams, 

You’re now not restrained to awaiting the customer care phone to ring or a fax to return. Digital first isn’t always pretty much being reactive. It’s being proactive with the manner you assist your clients, who use a huge variety of channels to search out for support. Social media, review sites, evaluations sites, forums, and groups are all now a part of the customer support ecosystem.

To accommodate the new, present day-to-day buyer, your commercial enterprise desires to suppose virtual first, too.


In today’s fast-changing and dynamic world of the connected, the social, and competitive enterprises of all size must prioritize their digital transformation strategy. Having a right technology partner will definitely make your life easier, but knowing what your customers need and how your competition is doing is a pre-requisite before getting started.

Digital transformation and there experience transformation gives businesses a possibility to have interaction with all kind of buyers, suppliers and partners and supply on their expectancies of a continuing patronage no matter the channel or place. That being said, digitally reworking your enterprise should be started with Customer first mindset and requires a cultural shift.

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