• Smita L

    April 12, 2023

What is Legacy Software – 6 reasons to plan an upgrade now

Covid 19 Outbreak has accelerated the use of digital technologies.  To sustain in this competitive world, each business needs to build a new strategy & adopt new technology trends, hence adoption is no longer a requirement it is a need in the economic environment.   


Let’s look at what is legacy software and why organizations still use it?

The technology world is changing in a rapid pace. Legacy software applications or systems are built using old outdated technology that includes outdated software applications and hardware which no longer support modern business needs or offer extensibility or scalability or security. 

 In this digitization era, whereas most of the companies from fast-growing small companies to mid-size to large have moved toward digital cloud-based products and software applications. Even today, many organizations continue to use outdated legacy applications because of the interita to non-willingness to adapt to change, perceived cost, and fear of business continuity challenges. A legacy system can help only to run your business but can’t grow your business.   


Why Upgradation of a legacy Software system is perceived as hard?

1)Risk of crucial day-to-day operational data being lost or damaged while transferring data to the new system 

2)Developing a new system with the same functionality might be perceived as a time-consuming process due to lack of technical requirements or not having a trusted technology partner 

3)Cost of replacement of Legacy Software application is high. But when you look at the missed opportunities of not having a modern customer experience-centered software application, the cost to modernize your software is not significant. 

4)Legacy system is trusted and companies are used to it. The fear for change and lack of proper planning or not being able to find a reliable software team also adds to the reason to delay an inevitable software modernization. 

5)Extra effort and time is taken by company staff to learn and adapt to new technology  


Here’s 6 reason to modernize your legacy Software application?

1)No more hardware dependency – The legacy system runs on a rigid old technology stack and might be on-premise or hosted in a traditional internet hosting way. Maintaining and keep it updated is costly. Modernizing your system will set you free from maintaining your infrastructure. 

2) No more compatibility and integration issue -Integrating the legacy system with modern applications is quite difficult because of the complexity and compatibility issues with the modern technology stack. for E.g., Integrating the legacy systems with the mobile cloud-based application is tough because of the complex rigid code of old applications that prevent the software programmers from allowing them to connect seamlessly with modern technology. Modernizing applications will allow you to seamlessly integrate your applications with any other modern software. 

3)No more security breach –   Legacy Softwares are more prone to cyber-attacks and vulnerable to many security loopholes which nobody is actively working to fix it. There is a threat of exposure to malicious software and cyber-attacks. Due to a lack of upgrades Legacy software are unable to comply with modern security standards. 

4) No more struggle with user limitation – Legacy software outdated program might not have the ability to store data of additional users or might be extensible or might be able to onboard more users, it’s hard to scale old software application to the ever-changing user needs and your business growth. Developing a new cloud-based software application with different user interfaces for Mobile and Web and integration will help seamless scalability. 

5) No more Accessibility issue (Access Anytime, Anywhere) – Modernizing legacy applications will provide full accessibility anytime and anywhere and improve productivity with automated workflows and improved security, for the business and their customers. 

6) No more struggle with Technology vendors – Most of the technology companies are focused on their latest technology offerings and put their old products as the end of life with minimal support.  

How your old software application/Legacy system is preventing your business growth and creating customer dissatisfaction?

1) Productivity  – Legacy system slows down your business because of lack of automation, non-intuitive user interface or complex process flows. Your staff and your customers have to put more effort and time in order to execute a single task which results in low productivity and eventually dissatisfaction. 

2) Key person dependency – To handle Legacy software, you are dependent on very few people who still know your software application, So changing your staff or your traditional service provider might be risky.  

3) Loss of money – Company has to spend a lot of money on maintaining outed Legacy software system. Investing in a modern clod native custom build software tailored to your unique business needs would be a solid long-term investment strategy for the company still struggling with legacy Software. Custom Build Software or application Modernization will fulfill your unique business requirements and provide an excellent experience to your customers. 

Travanleo has almost a decade of experience in building modernizing software applications and providing a seamless migration from old application to new. Allow us to be your agile software development team to bring in a fresh perspective, design thinking, and technology expertise to produce outcomes that matter to you. Our goal is to enable you to transform your business, improve customer experiences, and gain a substantial competitive advantage. We collaborate with our clients to leverage the power of Digital Technologies and the expertise of Travanleo to transform your business in the way that works best for you. 

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