• Sandeep Nair
    August 30, 2021

    DCS- Online Payment Collections

    DCS is an innovative Web & mobile application suite to enable, simplify and improve the online payment collections for organizations. With DCS, online payment collections, its management and reconciliations are simplified and processed faster in a secured manner. 


    1. Collect all types of payments like loans repayment, Chitti, etc through web and mobile app 
    2. Effective Reconciliation for the payments collected –Integration Online or Offline 
    3. Support web and mobile 
    4. Avoid people coming to society for these repayments especially this was a major one during this COVID situation 
    5. Multiple payment methods using payment gateway 
    6. Reports  
    7. Notifications- SMS & Email 


    Government Secretariat staff Co-operative society, Trivandrum –Kerala

    Technical Specification

    Mobile : Web App (HTML5, CSS, JS)
    Backend Application : PHP

    Case Studies

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    DCS- Online Payment Collections

    DCS is an innovative Web & mobile application suite to enable, simplify and improve the online payment collections for organizations. With DCS, online payment collections, its management and reconciliations are simplified and processed faster in a secured manner.

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