• Sreedhar PK

    Delivery Manager - Enterprise Solutions

    April 12, 2023


e-Audit services platform provides a unique online platform for companies, auditors, inspectors and trainers to connect with a global network to seek and provide world class auditing services in an effective, faster and qualitative way.

e-Audit service is a pioneer in this field, providing a fully integrated suite of services, tools, and resources to efficiently and effectively manage audits. e-Audit provides a range of professional auditing and inspection management tools for companies, auditors and inspectors to take back control and customize their audits to the diverse business needs.


  • Connections: This connection feature in e-Audit makes it an online professional networking platform between the auditors/companies/auditing orgs. Auditors can register in the system giving their work experience details. Companies can search for qualified auditors and connect to them and vice versa. This creates a strong network which makes it very easy for companies/auditing orgs to get qualified resources for performing their audits.
  • Scheduling: Another core feature of e-Audit application is its ability for company & aud. org to create schedules and assign multiple auditors to the schedule. Auditors can accept/propose new time as per their convenience & company can select and auditor from the list.
  • Performing audits: Application’s core lies in this feature of preforming audits using the audit checklist. e-Audit application has a range of checklist that gets adapted to a wide set of standards/industries. Companies can select the checklist based on their needs and assign that to a particular audit schedule. Auditor can fill in necessary indicators, raise non-conformities, attach evidence etc.
  • Workers’ voice: This is a stand-alone survey module built in e-Audit application for the purpose of easily collecting opinions from workers of any industry that e-Audit is related to. Workers can scan a QR code (each code will be linked to a form) and submit their responses anonymously which can be reviewed by companies/NGO’s they are associated with.
  • Integrated Form builders: e-Audit application has its own integrated form builders for creating audit checklists, NC forms, survey forms etc. These form builders are very seamless and easy to use by adding any sort of html controls.


e-ACORE Pte Limited, Singapore3

Technical Specification

Web server : Tomcat 1111111
Application : Java (Spring MVC, Hibernate, Angular JS, HTML, CSS, JS
Database : MySQL
Operating System : AWS Cloud - Linux

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