• Sreedhar PK

    Delivery Manager - Enterprise Solutions

    April 12, 2023

eKYC and eSign

eKYC and eSign is an application suite to simplify the customer interactions and maximize customer engagement at a branch office counter or kiosk.

The Issue

KYC (Know your customer) process is a key regulatory requirement in the financial services industry. Every time a customer visits a branch office for foreign exchange or money transfer, the manual KYC process was taking 15 minutes at the branch counter including data entry, verification and scanning the ID card. This was causing wait times for the customers and delays in completing their transactions. The key pain points with these processes were,
⦁ Increased wait time for the customers
⦁ Susceptible to errors while doing the data entry (e.g. Customer ID card number)
⦁ Inefficient and sometimes incomplete filing of physical and scanned records causing major compliance issues
⦁ Print the transaction, and then collect signature manually and later scan that transaction document with signature to the system is a long process


After detailed requirement gathering and analyzing the branch operations, peak timings, user personas, money transfer application, we, together with the customer short listed the requirements, features, priorities and the expected short-term outcomes and the long-term goals (re-useable in different countries).
We did not want to develop either a standalone app or a heavy desktop app. The technical solution part was tricky as there were multiple disparate components involved in the complete solution viz. a USB smart card reader, data transfer between a web backend and a desktop app, external libraries to read secure data and security controls.
We developed a hybrid lightweight desktop application to read the smart card data, fill/save directly into the customer master in the backend via REST APIs. Then, from within in the same browser session, the users are able to do a scan / upload and send the scanned data to DMS. This solution brought down the customer KYC process from 15 minutes to less than 1 minute!
The solution was initially rolled out in all branches of LuluEx in UAE in 2017 and within a year it has been deployed across 5 countries, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, and Malaysia.

Top 5 Benefits

⦁ Made the KYC and e-Signature process completely digital
⦁ Brought down the KYC and e-Signature process from 15 minutes to < 1 minute.
⦁ Saved time of the branch staff and the customer
⦁ Almost 35% increase compliance and less audit issues
⦁ Minimized manual data entry errors in the customer master
⦁ Improved Customer Satisfaction, Customer Engagement and Overall customer experience at branches.


⦁ Complete KYC process quickly with inbuilt scan application inside the suite for all customer KYC documents
⦁ Read the customer data, for example read the UAE card data from the chip using card reader attached to the PC
⦁ Capture only the required information from the card chip, organise the data and send this to the browser opened which on the counter machine
⦁ Quick customer master data capturing and avoid manual errors
⦁ Display receipts, docs etc. to a Tablet from the LoB App.
⦁ Sign electronically in receipts or docs
⦁ Signature is digitally encrypted and attached to the receipts and uploaded to the Transaction system
⦁ Email and print signed receipts
⦁ Organizations can Push and Play promotional videos to the breeze app running on the tablet
⦁ Push Ads, offers etc. from the media server to breeze App splash screen
⦁ Collect customer feedback after every transaction
⦁ Integrated with backend LoB Apps


Lulu International Exchange- Abu Dhabi

Technical Specification

Operating System : Linux or Windows
Front end : Android Native
Application (Agent) : Agent is a thin yet powerful desktop Java application to facilitate and control the communication with the Tablet PC and Line of Business Application. Agent also act as a console to manage various functions such as updates, display, scanning redo etc.

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