Software Product Development

Let’s put this out there, your company and your reputation is on the line over the software you deploy. Whether you are a CX or tech leader forced to outsource, the decision to hire the right software product development service comes down to you. There’s a lot of pressure to get this right.

At Travanleo, we help you ease off some of that pressure. Equipped with some of the best and highly experienced software developers, we employ frugal innovative technology to develop the perfect product. By identifying the emerging trends and market requirements, we ensure cutting-edge solutions that give you a leg up in the ever competitive market.

As part of our software product development journey, you will be at the heart of it all with transparent communication with our development team. We demonstrate flexibility and scalability which makes us one of the most trusted companies across the world.



What We Do

Enterprise Software Applications

We develop enterprise software solutions that take care of a majority of tasks and problems inherent and specific to your enterprise.

Advanced Web Applications

Using Design thinking, let’s discover the pain points in running your business and what your users really want! Once the goals are clear, let’s craft the solutions together and build advanced software application with intelligence and automation to meet your goals.

Mobile Apps

We are experts at Mobile Application development and it’s no secret that it is popular for people and businesses to connect. Staying relevant today is necessary and part of that involves having mobile applications that meet user expectations in real-time.

Cloud Applications

With applications on cloud, enterprises benefit greatly with on-demand computing resources, easy scalability and the use of the latest technology stack. Travanleo develops and increases scalability, portability, security, speed and cost effectiveness

Software Application Integration

Our Application and System Integration Services & Solutions provides a connected infrastructure for better application interoperability and communication. Travanleo helps you to maximize ROI with a powerful system integration while meeting the evolving needs of your business.

Software Integration - Multi Cloud or Hybrid

Having different SaaS/On-Premises tools for different purposes could give you the best tools but using it in non-integrated fashion can soon erode the benefits of having it! We have a long track record and a specialist Software Integration team who can help integrate different software applications/products using modern integration technologies to create a seamless experience for your users.

Dedicated Development Teams

If you would like to have a direct control of a high performing team of Business Analysts, Architects, Software Engineers, Testing Engineers or Product Managers, having a dedicated extended team is a great option. Talk to us to set up your extended Software Team.

UX/UI Design

User Experience is crucial to delight your customer. Our UX team works with you to understand your products, users and your goals to craft the user journey and design best in class UX for your software products or custom applications, Contact Us to avail the services of our team of Human Factors International® (HFI) certified User Experience specialists.

How We do

You know your business and your goals! We know how to build and run robust enterprise business applications and software products. Lets connect to find the right solutions for you to transform your business.

Case Studies

Learn how customers across different industries have seen improved agility, increased productivity, and reduced operational costs by custom software products and applications developed by Travanleo.

PlanT (SAP Production Planning Assistant)
The use case showcases the advantages of transitioning from using the current SAP Report like MD04/MD4C to the enhanced features offered by the new and improved SAP product, PlanT.
Technical migration from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA - Lean case study
This is a lean case study for SAP technical architects to get an idea on what is required for an SAP ECC to S/4 HANA migration from a technical/SAP basis perspective.
Designed and developed the e-Audit services platform, setting up a unique global online platform for companies, auditors, inspectors and trainers with the intent to seek and provide world class auditing services in an effective and qualitative way .
eKYC and eSign
Designed and developed the application suites, eKYC and eSign, simplifying customer interaction, minimizing data entry errors and maximizing customer satisfaction at the international exchange kiosks
Revenue Cycle Management Platform
Applied design thinking principles to architect and design the platform reducing the insurance providers claim creation and submission process time to less than 15 minutes, in a process that had normally taken 3 personnels 5 working days to finish.
DCS- Online Payment Collections
DCS is an innovative Web & mobile application suite to enable, simplify and improve the online payment collections for organizations. With DCS, online payment collections, its management and reconciliations are simplified and processed faster in a secured manner.

Why Travanleo Knows You Need Software Products Development?

  • Get a superior grasp on your existing customer base
  • Attract new customers with proven solutions
  • Grow and scale your business to new heights with innovation
  • Capitalize on a distinct market opportunity through digital innovation


‘"Global Traceability Solutions has been working with Travanleo since 2018. GTS invested time looking for a solutioning provider who would be flexible to our ever changing requirements yet work alongside us to help deliver value to our clients. With Travanleo, this partnership has shaped up very well over the years, working more like an internal development/IT arm than an external consultancy. They challenge and question the backlog with insights aligned to the technical options available and with respect to the customer outcomes possible. Travanleo pursues ways companies can work that builds transparency and trust and where value can be delivered swiftly. They enable Global Traceability Solutions technical capabilities that wouldn't otherwise be possible without a huge investment. Let's be frank. Every partnership is a compromise of many things, nothing is perfect. But there is a great balance of open discussion, practicality and common sense that continues to bring benefits to both companies, which is visible within GTS products and services."’

  • Dr. Ulrich Heindl


    Global Traceability Solutions GmbH

‘I was not sure on how to go about it, when I first thought of developing an end-to-end integrated, easy to use, cost effective and efficient on-line platform to deliver management system consultancy projects. It was the Travanleo team that gave me the right solution and therefore the confidence to proceed with the idea. Today, we e-Acore Pte Ltd Singapore is ready with an excellent product "the e-Consulting Platform", thanks to the outstanding contribution from the Travanleo team. By engaging a very competent and professional team of experts for this project, Travanleo provided the right practical solutions at the right time throughout the development, they embraced our goals of this project as their goals too and they exceeded our expectations at all times.’

  • Shaji Krishnan

    Managing Director

    Arete Solutions Pte Ltd, Singapore

‘‘When establishing e-Audit as the first online digital platform to manage social and environmental risk across global supply chains, we were looking for a developer. With Travanleo, we found a great partnership and over the last 3 years the Travanleo team has been really instrumental in the successful development and implementation of the e-Audit platform’’

  • Hubert de Bonafos


    e-Audit Hong-Kong Limited

Featured Clients

Technologies We use


Software product development is a complete process of bringing a product from an innovative idea to a launch which includes different phases of the software development life cycle.

7 phases of Software product development process are
  • Planning
  • Requirements
  • Thinking and designing
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance
  • Support

Benefits of software product development
  • Unique & optimize business process
  • Transparency in workflow
  • Quick Error identification
  • Innovative & Exclusive solution
  • Better Customer Engagement

Generic software product is process of developing product by software company based on market requirement where as Custom software development is a process of development software only of an organization .Custom Software Solution is unique unlike other generic software which is common for all organization.

New Product development is process of introducing and developing a complete new innovation and value based product in market.

New product development process involve
  • Innovating Thinking
  • Idea Screening
  • Market Research
  • Concept development
  • Product strategy
  • Product design
  • Budget
  • Resource
  • Product development
  • Market Testing
  • Market Commercialization